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Welcome to MINK MINK

We are Australian and we specialise in sourcing the best quality mink false eyelashes internationally whilst staying competitive in pricing. Our VERY high quality mink lashes are 100% hand-made from natural mink fur. The lashes are lightweight, natural looking and best of all, can be re-used (approx 25 times) with proper maintenance and care. The lash hair are sourced all over the world and are collected from natural shedding & hand brushing of the Mink - cruelty free, the hair is then sterilized and meticulously put together by hand on a very flexible cotton band. We have a wide range of false eyelashes so take your time to browse through our Collections.


Our brand and website are fairly new and we would like to thank you for visiting and showing us your love & support. There will be more content and products to follow in the coming weeks and months with promotions and discounts coming your way. Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with the latest lashes, new products, specials and giveaways!


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If you have any feedback regarding anything MINK MINK, please contact us so we can do our best to improve - to provide great content, excellent customer service and quality lashes for years to come!


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