Classic Collection


Our day in, day out lashes, you can expect them to be super light, not over the top and easy on the eyes for daily wear. So comfortable you can wear these out casually everyday, to work, to the gym, to bed... wait we don't recommend wearing them to bed but you get the idea!




Our Classic lashes suit any occasion big or small, these lashes can be more on the subtle-semi-glam side. They're great for an extra pop to your natural lashes giving you the fuller natural look and for added effect they can be curled for when you want to turn up the glam level. These lashes will NOT disappoint, a must have in your lash addiction collection!



Behold.. our Luxurious lashes, the best of the best of the lash world! These lashes bring out the glam in you and will definitely turn heads. Still lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long without feeling like you are wearing any falsies at all. These lashes are fuller and add alot more depth to your eyes. There are many styles to choose from!